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Women's Ordination: What can we do? by Will Fults on January 9, 2018 .

World Church Affirmation Sabbath Meeting coming up on December 9th

November 2nd, 2017 |

If you have not yet heard of World Church Affirmation Sabbath it is a grassroots Seventh-day Adventist movement lead by lay members who desire to see unity in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  This unity I believe must be achieved before the latter rain will fall, and it includes unity regarding the topic of women’s ordination.  Do we expect the entire church to experience unity and revival before the coming of Christ?  No, but the Lord will have His people united on all points of faith to give His three angels’ message to the world before His return.

The World Church Affirmation Sabbath group holds quarterly meetings to affirm the three General Conference votes regarding upholding biblical standards on the topic of ordination.  You can find previous meeting videos along with upcoming meeting information at their website  The next meeting will be on December 9th starting around 2-2:30 pm.  I will be blessed to be speaking at one of the meetings on December 9th located at Chewelah Seventh-day Adventist Church in Chewelah, Washington.  We would love to see you there.

Light In A Dying World Campmeeting

July 12th, 2017 |

Greetings friends,

The Central Filipino Seventh-day Adventist Church in Los Angeles, California will be having their 5th annual camp meeting this August 11 to the 13th.  The theme is “Light in a dying world” and will feature many of the speakers from the Women’s Ministry Prayer Line.  This is a free event and you and anyone you know is invited!  Guest speakers include Adventist historian and author Dave Fiedler, Rico Hill and many more.  I will also be attending and speaking at this event and I would love to meet you in person.  I’ll be speaking at 1pm on Sunday.  This event will be located at Central Filipino Seventh-day Adventist Church, 777 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041.  We hope to see you there!

Update: This event has concluded, the sermons were recorded and should be online soon at the Central Filipino Seventh-day Adventist Church Youtube Channel.

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Our Christian Lineage

April 26th, 2017 |

If there is one thing that the Protestant world lacks in our time, it is knowledge regarding the history of the Protestant Reformation. We are warned in Ecclesiastes 1:9

“That which has been is what will be, That which is done is what will be done, And there is nothing new under the sun.”

This verse here tells us that history repeats itself. The false Christian church hundreds of years ago who attempted to destroy the Bible and its true followers are today attempting to regain the power they lost. Only this time, Protestants are uniting with this power and forsaking Biblical doctrines. If there would be only one book I could recommend to any Protestant, it would be “The Great Controversy” by Ellen White. And if there would be someone who desires just a taste of the Great Controversy’s truth in short 5 minute episodes I would recommend to them this short video series called “Lineage” shown below.

This series traces the spiritual lineage of the true church throughout history, beginning in the third and fourth century. The entire series, currently 22 episodes can all be viewed for free at their youtube channel here.

Our two favorite sermons of 2016

November 30th, 2016 |

Greetings friends,

2016 is almost over but there is still time to be inspired by powerful sermons. With all the confusion in the world today regarding the relationship between justification and sanctification our two favorite sermons this year deal with this salvational topic.

When The Dress Code Means Life Or Death – David Wright

The Final Exam by Mark Howard

The Use Of The Tithe

April 14th, 2016 |
The following article is written by Ellen White and is found in 7 Manuscript Releases pages 135-138..
Viagra 100mg is always with me because I have two girlfriends, which are always “hungry”, I have to use these tablets when I really need to prolong the pleasure. After few times without the drug, when the girls are resting, I take a pill, washing it down with some water and go on. I like it, but it’s cost is pretty high.
“Thou shalt command the children of Israel that they bring thee pure olive oil, beaten, for the light, to cause the lamp to burn always.” This was to be a continual offering, that the house of God might be properly supplied with that which was necessary for His service. His people today are to remember that the house of worship is the Lord’s property, and that it is to be scrupulously cared for. But the funds for this work are not to come from the tithe. The tithe is to be used for one purpose,—to sustain the ministers whom the Lord has appointed to do His work. It is to be used to support those who speak the words of life to the people, and carry the burden of the flock of God.
But there are ministers who have been robbed of their wages. God’s provision for them has not been respected. Those who have charge of our church buildings are to be supplied with the means that is necessary to keep these buildings in good repair. But this money is not to come from the tithe.
A very plain, definite message has been given to me to give to our people. I am bidden to tell them that they are making a mistake in applying the tithe to various objects which, though good in themselves, are not the object to which the Lord has said that the tithe is to be applied. Those who make this use of the tithe are departing from the Lord’s arrangement.

God will judge for these things. One reasons that the tithe may be appropriated to school purposes. Still others would reason that canvassers and colporteurs should be supported from the tithe. But a great mistake is made when the tithe is drawn from the object for which it is to be used,—the support of the ministers. There should today be in the field one hundred well qualified laborers where now there is but one.

God cannot look upon the present condition of things with approval, but with condemnation. His treasury is deprived of the means that should be used for the support of the gospel ministry in fields nigh and afar off. Those who proclaim the message of truth before great congregations, and who do house-to-house work as well are doing double missionary work, and in no case are their salaries to be cut down.

The use of the tithe must be looked upon as a sacred matter by our people. We must guard strictly against all that is contrary to the message now given.

There is a lack of ministers because ministers have not been encouraged. Some ministers who have been sent to foreign lands, to enter fields never worked before, have been given the instruction, “You must sustain yourselves. We have not the means with which to support you.” This ought not to be, and it would not be if the tithe, with gifts and offerings, were brought into the treasury. When a man enters the ministry, he is to be paid from the tithe enough to sustain his family. He is not to feel that he is a beggar.

The impression is becoming quite common that the sacred disposition of the tithe no longer exists…

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