What happens to babies that have passed away?  Will God send infants to heaven, hell or someplace in-between?  How does God judge a child and how will He judge us?  Opinions abound, but the words of Jesus are truth.  And so today we desire to hear not the theories of men, but the words of God.  So let us study the Bible for in it contains the answers to these important questions.  But before we do so, let us ask the Lord to teach us, let us pray.

Dear Loving Heavenly Father,

We humbly ask for your Holy Spirit to teach us today.  Please Lord grant us a true understanding of how you judge children and how we will be judged.  Open our eyes so that we see wonderful things from your word.  May your love and compassion be revealed to us today, and may your love dwell in our hearts.  Help us now and we thank you for doing so.  We pray all these things in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, amen.

Imagine if one day a group of police officers showed up at your door.  They quickly handcuffed you, you were taken to a courtroom and declared guilty of war crimes.  “War crimes, I’ve never fought in a war!” you plead.  The judge responds and says “your great grandfather committed war crimes in World War 1 and we are punishing you for the crime, I hereby sentence you to death”.

Certainly a human judge would never make such an unfair sentence.  How could you be judged for a crime that occurred when you never even were alive? Yet would God throw someone in hell because of the sins of their parents, or grandparents?  Or because of the sins of Adam in the garden of Eden?  Does the guilt of one generation pass on from generation to generation through a bloodline?  The Bible gives us the answer in Ezekiel 18:20 when it says Read More »