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India Revival Meetings Now Online

A few weeks ago I was blessed to share many messages over a two week period to a church in India. Each of these messages were recorded through Zoom teleconference. If you are seeking for some spiritual encouragement below are the messages that were shared through the past few weeks. It is our prayer that you are blessed by the messages and may the Lord prepare us for His soon return.

Practical Lessons From The Sanctuary

A Higher Calling

Defeating Depression – Healing Broken Hearts

Begging For Crumbs

At Any Cost

Receiving The Seal

Principles Of Effective Prayer

The Remedy

By Many Or By Few

1 thought on “India Revival Meetings Now Online”

  1. Greetings, nephew Will!!
    I just listened to your sermon on depression.
    I believe what you say is true.
    Praise God!
    May God bless your new life with Jen-Jen. Sorry I cannot come to the wedding.
    May God be glorified!

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