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Understanding Revelation 14:9-10: What is the mark of the beast?

Imagine that God gave you a warning, a warning so important that if you did not listen to it and heed it you would be eternally lost.  What would you do with such a warning?  Would you ignore it?  Would you spend no time studying it?  Would you trust a pastor or priest’s interpretation of the warning even if they could not explain it from Scripture?  Certainly not, for it… Read More »Understanding Revelation 14:9-10: What is the mark of the beast?

Who is Michael the archangel?

Who is Michael the archangel as mentioned in the Bible? Many do not know, and even more do not know that understanding who this individual is, is a key to understanding a key prophecy found in Daniel 12 for our time. Is Michael a high ranking angel, Jesus, or someone else? Many questions similar to this have circulated throughout the Christian world.  Thankfully all these questions can be quickly answered… Read More »Who is Michael the archangel?