Nearly 2,000 years ago, a fundamental misunderstanding of prophecy led many of God’s people during the time of Jesus to reject Him as Messiah.  The Jewish people were looking for a conquering lion and instead Jesus came as a sacrificial lamb.  Yet there was a remnant who knew the signs of His coming.  A few wise men were watching, seeking for a star and to their joy they knew the signs of the Messiah’s coming.

Could it be that history will repeat itself?  Could it be that the majority of the professed Christian world will be just as unprepared when Jesus comes again because they did not understand the true signs of Jesus return? Could it be that a misunderstanding of Bible prophecy will lead the vast majority of God’s people to reject Jesus right before His second coming and receive the mark of the beast?

What are the true signs of Jesus return?  Is the rapture a secret?  And what is the greatest deception in the last days that will lead many Christians astray?  Let us study the Bible to discover the true signs of Christ’s return, so that we may be prepared for the soon return of Jesus Christ.

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