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Mission Trip Report: The Gospel To The Philippines

Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision. ~ Joel 3:14

Everyday we walk past countless individuals.  Some of them may not seem like the most attractive to be around yet each one is prized in the eyes of the Lord.  Each one the Father gave His Son for.  Everyday there is a work that needs to be done to spread the everlasting gospel, the three angels’ message.  Multitudes, multitudes of people are in the valley of decision.  The day of the Lord; the return of Christ to judge the world is near.  Everyday people make their final decisions, either to serve Christ fully or be eternally lost.

This last March of 2018 I was blessed to be part of a mission trip that went to reach people for Christ.  11 teams went on this mission trip, each one presented a ten part evangelistic series in the Philippines.   The trip was organized by White Horse Media and the local Seventh-day Adventist conference.  I have to admit, before I went to go speak, I was unsure if I should go.  I asked the Lord to show me if He desired me to go and speak.  Shortly after I found and read this quote…


“Have any of us an opportunity of doing something for Christ, how eagerly should we seize it and with the greatest earnestness do all we can to be co-workers with Him.” – Ellen White, Testimonies For The Church Volume 4 p. 22

We should all take this quote to heart.  The great commission of Matthew 28 is for all believers.  We are all called to go and share the gospel to the entire world.  The Lord blessed the meetings.  At the conclusion of these 11 simultaneous meetings, God blessed with 312 precious souls sealing their decision for Jesus Christ in Bible baptism.  May the Lord alone be gloried for the many souls who made their decisions to be baptized!



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