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Alcohol & Wine

Alcohol & The Christian: How Much Is Too Much?

Imagine your best friend let you borrow a brand new $70,000 car.  In fact, your friend was so kind that they allowed you to use it every day for many years, you would only have to pay for maintenance and gas.  Would you take care of it? Of course!

Now one day that new car had a mechanical problem, and you didn’t know how to diagnose it. If you had a choice between asking the manufacturer or myself for help who would you ask to give you advice? The manufacturer of course!  Why? The answer is simple, the creator would know exactly how everything works.

The Bible says we are created by God. Since God is our Creator did He give us a manual on how to live? What about what we eat and drink? Let’s be specific, what does the Bible say about alcoholic beverages? Should a Christian drink alcohol? Is it a sin to drink alcohol? Can it keep us out of heaven? Read More »Alcohol & The Christian: How Much Is Too Much?