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Three Great Children’s Resources For Christian Parents

“For the first eight or ten years of a child’s life the field or garden is the best schoolroom, the mother the best teacher, nature the best lesson book. Even when the child is old enough to attend school, his health should be regarded as of greater importance than a knowledge of books. He should be surrounded with the conditions most favorable to both physical and mental growth.” – Education p. 208, Ellen White

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Competitive Sports & Christian Character

Several years ago I attended an Angel’s major league baseball game.  As I sat in the audience my favorite player hit his second home run of the game.  And I like the rest of the fans stood on my feet, and cheered.  It was an exciting moment, fireworks were exploding, tens of thousands of people were cheering, and in the midst of all this fanfare, I suddenly heard a still small voice whisper “Do you get this excited about Me?” Read More »Competitive Sports & Christian Character

7 Inspired Christian Parenting Principles

Parenting, it can sometimes seem like an impossible task.  But with God all things are possible.  “It is the privilege of parents to take their children with them to the gates of the city of God, saying, “I have tried to instruct my children to love the Lord, to do His will, and to glorify Him.” To such the gate will be thrown open, and parents and children will enter in. But all cannot enter. Some are left outside with their children, whose characters have not been transformed by submission to the will of God. A hand is raised, and the words are spoken, “You have neglected home duties. You have failed to do the work that would have fitted the soul for a home in heaven. You cannot enter.” The gates are closed to the children because they have not learned to do the will of God, and to parents because they have neglected the responsibilities resting upon them.1

The world is filled with new theories and parenting tips by supposed “experts in their field”. But the best parent of all time is God the Father. All the combined knowledge from all the parenting books in the world are no match compared to the truth and knowledge found in the word of God. Let’s not waste our time with the theories of learned men. It’s time to put aside the New York Times bestsellers and listen to the best parent of all time, God. What are some parenting commandments that God has given to His people? Let’s dig into the words of inspiration today.

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