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The Christian Walk

What should a Christian wear?

The Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 “ in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”  Shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday, I was trying to think about how I could be more thankful to God.  As I was thinking I was recalling how God has changed me.  I thought about how I haven’t done that sin in a long time, or how I… Read More »What should a Christian wear?

The World’s Most Spiritually Dangerous Substance

It doesn’t take a Bible scholar to know that certain actions if not repented of, will disqualify us from entering heaven.  If for example a person secretly gave me a small dose of poison every day, and after two weeks of drinking such a substance I died, certainly God would consider that person a murderer.  Now let me ask you a question, if that person became a baptized Christian, but they still continued to poison others unrepentant, would they enter heaven?  No?  But what if this individual goes to church every week and reads his Bible yet they continue to poison people.  Could they enter heaven? Read More »The World’s Most Spiritually Dangerous Substance

Competitive Sports & Christian Character

Several years ago I attended an Angel’s major league baseball game.  As I sat in the audience my favorite player hit his second home run of the game.  And I like the rest of the fans stood on my feet, and cheered.  It was an exciting moment, fireworks were exploding, tens of thousands of people were cheering, and in the midst of all this fanfare, I suddenly heard a still small voice whisper “Do you get this excited about Me?” Read More »Competitive Sports & Christian Character

Alcohol & The Christian: How Much Is Too Much?

Imagine your best friend let you borrow a brand new $70,000 car.  In fact, your friend was so kind that they allowed you to use it every day for many years, you would only have to pay for maintenance and gas.  Would you take care of it? Of course!

Now one day that new car had a mechanical problem, and you didn’t know how to diagnose it. If you had a choice between asking the manufacturer or myself for help who would you ask to give you advice? The manufacturer of course!  Why? The answer is simple, the creator would know exactly how everything works.

The Bible says we are created by God. Since God is our Creator did He give us a manual on how to live? What about what we eat and drink? Let’s be specific, what does the Bible say about alcoholic beverages? Should a Christian drink alcohol? Is it a sin to drink alcohol? Can it keep us out of heaven? Read More »Alcohol & The Christian: How Much Is Too Much?

Should we forgive… everyone?

Nearly everyone who has lived long enough here on this earth has been hurt by someone who was very close to them.  In fact, when someone does something bad to us it often hurts us much more if we have loved and cared for them.  If a wife divorces a husband often both partners are hurt inside.  If however they were just mere acquaintances, the pain they would have felt would have been much less.  How great a pain God must feel when he sees those he loves choose to forsake God and trample the gift of forgiveness poured out by his son Jesus!  Unfortunately the world seems to be getting increasingly wicked, increasingly cruel, and people such as you and me are often the victims of the outright evil behavior of others.  Acquaintances who are mad at us we can handle, but what about church members and family members?  How should we treat those who have hurt us in the past?  What does God desire you to do today?  Let us study the Bible to find the answer to this important topic.

Read More »Should we forgive… everyone?