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Will Fults

Is God loving?

If you ask anyone in the world they most likely have an opinion of God. Some see him as a loving and compassionate Creator, some see Him as a Being that can’t wait to throw us in hell, others say that God is like a watchmaker who made the earth but now no longer gets involved in its matters and still others will say that God is someone who will let you go to heaven but only if you do some good works. I’m sure we have heard at least a few of these opinions.

Unfortunately it is impossible that everyone has the correct opinion of God because many views contradict each other. In the end what really matters is not our friend’s opinion of God. Not even a pastor, monk or priest’s opinion matters. The only viewpoint that will matter is the actions and words of God himself. Today let’s open our Bibles and see what God Himself has to say about His character. Isn’t it only fair that we allow Him to speak for Himself?

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